Craftmanship, 925 silver and black diamond.

Discover the elegance of our men’s rings in 925 rhodium-plated silver with black diamond. Modern design jewellery that embodies all the craftsmanship of the Italian goldsmith’s tradition.

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Tyre wide band ring


Men rings have become a must-have for men's outfits full of personality. Discover the Forme di Lucchetta models: they are all handcrafted masterpieces made of high-quality 925 silver, designed for those who love a unique style and show character. You can choose from the great variety of shapes and finishes at your disposal: pick a band ring to wear on the little finger, or maybe a thin band for the ring finger, or wherever else you like to wear them! They are all rhodium-plated -the same electroplating as white gold jewellery- to ensure shine and durability, and enhanced with a small natural black diamond. Our rings are the perfect gift for the modern, contemporary man and, thanks to their versatility and elegant design, they are just the right accessory to complete any outfit enriching it with personality. Wear them every day, alone or ina match with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and key rings from the same collection.